Golden Cage

by Call Tracy

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released July 22, 2015

All songs written by Call Tracy, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered
by Damián Kučera at Atelier – produkční a nahrávací studio, Prague,
CZ 2015. Cover design by Pavel Eder.



all rights reserved


CALL TRACY Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Stolen Youth
Bury every memory that is connected with me
We’ve seen warmer days when we could breathe freely
But now with you I never feel all right
This is not where I belong
Countless nights spent pretending that this became my real home

It’s easy to be someone else not easy to be true
I see you ruining your own life don’t wanna be like you
It’s too late to be angry you completely stole my youth
And every single moment my heart is seeking something new

I have nothing more than hate for people like you are
You always come back here then leave me with another scar
With you I will never feel all right this is not where I belong
Countless nights spent telling myself I’m not finally on my own

So I am swallowing the rage
Trapped in a dirty golden cage
Track Name: Hard To Find
I know your parents well
They're honest people, open-hearted
Everything they taught you went to waste
You are back where you started

I don't think you trust these words
It seems we live in different worlds

Would you like to know that I can't let it go?
I regret that I have never told you so

And where are we now?
I've got my dreams, you've got nothing
Where are we now?
Would you fight at least for something now?
You've lost it all and now it can't be found
Would you fight at least for something now?

I told you what you meant to me
Your answer brought me to my knees
Cute eyes that hide stupidity
Won't help hide your cupidity
Track Name: Bonds
What’s going on around me?
Are you guys getting mad?
Places and people change so much
I just can’t get used to it

You’ve got one paddle so do I
We never tried to sail away
I thought our bonds would be unbreakable
But I could not force you to stay

I’m tired of you all and I want to be alone
There is nothing I can say to you when your heart turned into stone

You took me back
You let me rest in your embrace
You left me in the dirt, no trace
Now I don’t even know your face
But there is no one to fill your place
Track Name: Circle
Waiting for the day you realize that we were so damn wrong
That we made mistakes that left us unable to get along
We sank ourselves in dirt indelible
But you don’t seem to feel as terrible as me

It’s up to us my friend
Now we need to be better than that
Be better than before
Because we hurt those we chose to ignore

All the refusing, long hesitating, losing and failing is behind us for now
We were drowning in misery now I hope it’s part of our history
I was a freak and so were you, I was weak and you knew
That if you ever spat in my face there was nothing I would really do
We were seen that day breaking all the promises we made to our loving mothers, to our loving fathers
Now every time I meet you knowing I don’t really need you
I just cannot turn away, I just cannot run away from it all
Track Name: Ghost
After years of joy comes winter
I’m not used to cold like this
There’s no coat to make it better
You’re the one I truly miss
I miss the way you would calm me down and how you always faltered
You dare to think you know the truth but you better know this

Don’t you turn your back on me
Cause I’m still here
This is the right time to be clear
My will is weak and it’s something you can always break
You’re the ghost that still keeps my awake
My heart is something you can always take

I can’t express how much I miss my mum and my dad
Now I understand they gave me everything they ever had
Maybe they need to be closer to me
Maybe I do not need to be free.
Track Name: Golden Cage
The voices in my head lead me straith ahead into the traps they've set for me
But I need to carry on because right now I'm all alone
Even tough I tried so hard I know there's no place for me to go
There's not much of me to show but I need to carry on

It comes to me without warning
Brings tears in eyes every morning
I want to say I'm still learning
The time won't ever wait for me

I was kept closed in the cage
And that cage was all I had
I can't throw these years away
Or take back anything I said

I can't burn the bridges I am standing on
I'm not ready to be the man
I changed my mind when you were gone

Quiet moments come and go
they leave me shivering with cold
Every day they lead me astray
Remind me I'm getting old
Track Name: Lorelai
Mostly I feel bad it’s hard to sleep at night
But when I do my dreams make me feel all right
The visions I see are covered in pale grey
I would feel so much calmer if you came over and stayed

Please tell me more about your childhood sore
I’m glad when you are fine I’m here for you this time
I’m yours if you are mine
Track Name: Insight
Pills on the floor, a grey afternoon in my room empty
You closed the door I want to look back it’s just so tempting
I’m not away but I’m not even here
My existence reached its very end
I just seek a friend who wants to understand
I need a friend who will understand

Every day I wander seeking hope
Staggering as my feet still refuse to walk

A mess in my mind and emptiness in your starry eyes
Your love is true but I can’t say the same thing about mine
I can’t promise that I will take you home
I can’t say if you can provide me with a home

I’ll take your hand and run away from my mistakes
So we can see the hills and bright blue lakes
I’ll take your hand we’ll run away from our mistakes
Just want to be elsewhere no matter where

I’m not away but I’m not even here
My existence reached its very end
I’m not away but I’m not even here
I just seek a friend who wants to understand
Track Name: No longer
So many words unspoken
So many vows unbroken
The golden cage is finally open

I want you to go back there
I want you to care
Just so I can tell you
That I no longer do

I guess I cannot stay too close
I don’t want to bury all hope