Duties & Desires


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released March 26, 2013



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CALL TRACY Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Upcoming Summer
Skateboarding is our pride
We will enjoy the ride
I can't do the easiest trick
But that's just the start.

How can you cry right now?
It's the weekend how can you sleep?
The girls are waiting outside and you lie here like shit.

There's a good reason to be happy, to be free
You don't have to be depressed just come and try to be like me
This night is warm, it makes me strong and if you're not feeling the same so try it!
Your mother sucks your cock!
You're not okay!
Please try to take it now or later yeah!

I can't stand your fucking face
You make me wanna fucking throw up
Kill your band and leave no trace
Slit your throat you motherfucker
Track Name: Bad News
Well I've got bad news
It's gonna break you down
If you're in bad mood
You're gonna be worse now
I really can't wait
To tell you what's new.

Well I've got bad grades
That's why I'll never have a really good job and a water bed
I know I should learn,
But it's hard for me it's too hard for me, too much hard for me.

But I've no reason, to be someone like you,
To clean your bosses shoes, to be confused
I simply don't know, why you act like this, why you act like this

Daddy plans college for me
Even if I'm thirty -- three
And he should know
That I'm never gonna do it
It's not a way to go
Oh no

You always blame me,
That I'm fucking up your weak nerves
But I won't be the one who serves
You won't persuade me that way, you won't.

If you felt so nice as me,
You would change your mind quickly,
You would change your mind right now,
And I doesn't matter how.
Stop telling me what I have to do!

Mamma tells me (Mamma tells me)
You should learn
Father tells me (Father tells me)
You should earn
And both of them hope that I'll be a president
I'm sorry you'll be disappointed now.

Mother wants me to be a man and I ignore this foolish plan and she should know that I'm never gonna grow up, it won't ever change.
Track Name: Can't Seem To Rest
What am I trying for?
For what should I feel like a dick?
Is that some kind of a stupid trick?
How can I get you back again?

It was all right two or three years ago.
Now I cannot decide if you are friend or foe.

What happened to me?
I feel like debris.
Why can't I be free?
Why? I cannot say.

You left me so fast
You're nothing but the past
I can't seem to rest (I can't seem to rest)

The things that I have fucked up
Brought anger to my heart
But much worse thing for me is
Your desire for a car.

And I don't really know
If you care about my shows
With this thought in my big head
I just cannot let you go.
Track Name: Decision To Leave
Ten thousand million reasons is not enough to say,
How much I love this place, it's forcing me to stay.
I feel like a stranger without its warm touch.

But I must go out of here
I must find a place to stay
But anywhere I'll go,
It just won't be the same.

I'm alone, far away
I'm leaving home again (I'm gone!)
I won't come back anymore (On my own!)
Suddenly, I am free
But I just don't feel so (I'm far)
I won't return anymore I won't

Now everything seems further than it ever did before
I need to free my body cause I want fucking more
But in front of my new house with my lovely kids and wife
I'm standing here alone knowing that I have ruined my life.

Rootless I'm so tired I'm not thinking as myself
Now I am so empty and I feel like someone else
Rootless I'm so tired I'm not thinking as myself
Fuck I am so empty and I feel like someone else.
Track Name: Duties And Desires
We don't give a shit about your songs and hits
Cause we have our own hopeful dreams
We just want to withstand, prove to haters that we can
Play music as our idols band

This is all we need and want
Right now we see it clear
This is way we want to go
And we don't want to hear
We're like you

We don't need to be lawyers or secretaries
We just want to live full till we're young
We know nothing about cunts
Breaking rules seems like fun
I must say my mum has nerves quite strong.

Mother is so cold
Dad likes rock n roll
Girls are boring and they're warring for dorks with no balls.