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released April 10, 2017



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CALL TRACY Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Wallflower
Avoiding any moment of dropping weight
I've had a really hard time saying things straight
I've never drunk that much to be sincere
But lately small talk's turned freaky unclear

While you perceive me as your enemy
The only thing I didn't wanna be
I tend to blame myself for woes you brought on me
While you perceived me as your enemy

You despise me for issues I can’t affect
the inability to let go is my worst defect
And I wish we could talk more
like we used to years ago
and I never would‘ve thought you'd be the one to leave
I didn't even try to understand your needs
Perhaps you were just right
and I was the one who lied
You have somewhere else to go
When the tensions start to grow
Track Name: Home Truth
It took some time to realize
There couldn‘t be a compromise
You've never been a caring type
Is it too hard to leave your pride behind?

You never even try to apologize or justify yourself

The ice you're dancing on is more fragile than it was before
But you’re calm for you don't have to worry
No one will ever know your story
or anything you spoiled

In the end I broke my vow
And I'm parting with you now
Everytime you said you were sorry
You fucked up twice again
Though I can simply hate you
I'm not gonna call you names
Nor am I gonna call you friend
For you need to feel your shame

No way would I take that again
Still I'm aware It's not the end
Track Name: Captive
When we were playing on the lawn
Our lives were already drawn
I was wrong when I said we could change anything
Then I made some grave mistakes and I know your heart it breaks
That I’m not the very person you want me to be

Constantly trying not to choke on a feeling I can’t show
But If I keep this state of mind, I’ll never find what I want to find

Don’t think I can’t see the frustration in your eyes, in every move you make and in every smile that you fake
These past years I’ve been on the ropes
I’ve been exhausted, filled with faint hopes
Nothing’s really worth that shit
It‘s the hardest part I must admit

These past few years constantly occupied
With no regard for the stress inside

Exhausted, We’re keeping our minds constantly occupied
Completely ignoring the stress thats building up inside
Track Name: Safe Travels
Last night I figured it all out.
We will never meet again
I hate the way it ended,
at least we could‘ve split up as friends
As you lied to me I lied to you,
in the end nothing was true
Nothing was clear,
now there's nothing left to lose

What makes me think you care?
What makes me think you cherish
All the memories we share?

I kinda stayed the same
when you were gone
But I mind the fact
you'll come back here no more
I blindly trusted every vow you'd sworn
In the end I wasn't even shocked
when you shut the door
man, it hurt before
but now I'm cool

I've been thinking about what I'd tell you
If I met you
I wonder if there would be anything at all